Battlefield 5 Review | Broken, Unfinished and Overpriced

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Its unhappy to see considered one of my favorite franchises throw away the nice will of the neighborhood by changing into a shoddy live-service product, pursuing an SJW agenda, and attempt to attraction to the Name of Obligation buyer base.

Factual Correction: The Activision Patents had been censored from one other Subreddit, NOT the Battlefield V subreddit. I dont at the moment a current replace on what has been censored from there.

Particular due to Jason T Barnes, Mario J. Martinez, Dean McGee, Steve, Alcoholistair, and all of my Patreon supporters. Their stoic assist humbles me.
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Battlefield 5 | Fact is the First Casualty of Microtransactions

Ticket Manipulation in Battlefield 5
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